Fine and Associates Fine
May 6, 2017

Dear Patients and Colleagues,

It is with mixed feelings of happiness and sadness that I announce that I am closing my practice after 22 years in Snellville.  My wife has been given a wonderful new job in Nashville and we are moving there.  I will no longer see patients in Snellville after Friday, June 9, 2017.

John Carr, MD, will be custodian of my charts for 10 years, per Georgia regulations.  You can contact him for an office visit or to get a copy of your chart.  I have also made arrangements with several local primary care practices who will work to accommodate our patients.  While there is not one office that can accommodate all of my patients, I encourage you to contact one of the offices (click the link "Alternate Practice"), perhaps one near your home or work, to continue your care.  Eastside Medical Center also has three Urgent Care Centers for immediate office visits.  You, of course, may choose to go wherever you and/or your insurance prefer.  We will assist with transferring records until our closing.  You may use a release form from your new physician or you may use our form (click here to download the records release form) to request your record. 

This website will remain open for ONE year with necessary information to help you.  Our telephone and fax numbers will be turned off at the closing of our office, so notify your subspecialists of your new chosen primary care physician.  HIPPA privacy will be maintained.

It has been a pleasure serving you.

Joel L. Fine, MD

(770) 736-8962
(770) 736-8970 (fax)